Seriously, you want me to do whaaa?

Operation Kick Kiva’s Ass is well underway this week… After leaning over to lift a basket of laundry and feeling like it was REALLY heavy I had a little “get real” chat with myself.

kettlebellI’m 42 and I am determined to keep this bod strong and healthy. Plus, with a live event coming up, I’ve got to get my stamina and endurance up. (I don’t tend to keep a very low key presence when I speak 😉

As you may know I’m pretty taken with Bikram Yoga. I have been telling myself a story that Bikram was enough – I mean that’s some hard core yoga. And I’m good at it. I feel pretty badass in my Bikram class (meaning that I get to hang out in comfort zone land)…

And since facebook can read our minds, the very next morning I saw an ad for an 8-week challenge at my local Kettlebell gym.

I’m IN.

I show up for my initiation session and a lovely woman, Sarah, proceeds to put me through a 10-minute workout.

I can’t sit on the toilet without some serious care the next day.

Then my first small group workout. And after it’s done, I need to lift my arm with my other arm to high-five my trainer, Andy.

Seriously, these insane people have me doing pullups, slamming heavy ropes on the ground, doing burpees (they should be called puke-ees) and this crazy maneuver called a Turkish Get Up.

You want me to do whaaa?!?

But they don’t seem to think there’s any problem with me doing these things. They don’t help me. They don’t fetch my equipment for me. They believe that I am perfectly capable – even on day 2.

Left to my own devices, there is NO WAY that I would attempt 75% of what I’ve tried this week.

But you know what? I do it. All of it. With big, huge burly dudes… It’s kinda awesome.

And it got me thinking that this is exactly what I do with my coaching clients. I have 100% belief in their ability to do what they need to do to hit their numbers and reach their goals.

I am a get-out-of-your-comfort-zone and I’ll high five you when you’re done jedi mind trainer.

So in celebration of Operation Kick Kiva’s Ass, I’ve got some POWER QUESTIONS for you to illuminate where you are validating your comfort zone with a really convincing story. The Truth is that creating meaningaj chopsticksful change is very challenging for most people.

So in the name of having a little get real chat with yourself…

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with the results that you’re having with your business?

What is your average monthly revenue?

How much do you want to be making per month?

What do you want to change in your business?

How long has this been going on?

What have you tried to do to create this change?

How’s it working out for you?

What’s the story you’ve been telling yourself that justifies the results? 

Telling yourself the Truth is hard. And then doing something about it can be even harder. 

It was not easy for me to acknowledge that I’d gotten weak. I’m a lifelong dancer and have always been very strong. But when I looked at the Truth, I had allowed myself to become weak.

And this moment is what separates those who achieve meaningful change in their lives from those who don’t… Because 90% of people will have the moment of Truth and then bury it back down and go back to life as they know it.

I would have gone back to Bikram. But I’m committed to living in the 10%. Truth be told, I’m committed to living in the 1% where I am creating and living a holistically wealthy life.

So, my love, what’s your decision? What’s your commitment? And what is the thing you need to create for yourself to ensure your success?

Much love,

Addendum to this post: I went to a Bikram class right after I wrote this post. And I had to acknowledge another layer of the story… I haven’t been going recently. Consistent action is always the key to getting the results that we want, regardless of whether it’s with our health, our relationships or our businesses. And until we’re willing to REALLY look at the actions we’ve been taking, nothing can change. 

1 Comment on Seriously, you want me to do whaaa?

  1. Karen
    August 30, 2015 at 12:40 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you for this blog post, Kiva and Ya, a serious Kick in the A$$ that I need so much! I have been slacking off or one reason or another and I’m not living up to the life I’m living inside my head, needless to say, I have not made a whole lot of profit in my business and that’s because I am not wealthy with the integrity I always speak so highly of. Lead by example, be true to your word and accomplish what you have set out to do and wealth will be abundant ~ I’m ready for boot-camp! xoxox Karen


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