You Don’t Have to Play the High-Pressure Sales Game (Phew)

I was recently on the phone with yet another amazing coach who’s been told that she must use high pressure sales tactics to sell her high-end programs…

“If you don’t get their card on the call, it’s not a sale.” Heard this before??


It lead me to a bit of an epiphany.

Back in my wholesaling days there were two kinds of stockbrokers. The corner office guys with libraries and 25 year reputations built on the quality of the relationship of the families that they served.

And the churn and burn guys who were always looking for the next hot commodity to dump their list through… Sometimes…

The churn and burn guys made more money. Especially in down years.

But they weren’t in the corner offices with libraries. They were hustling. Day in and day out. On the desk. Addicted to the game. Always needing to find the next deal, the next client, focused on the transaction instead of the relationship.

Treating people with respect, patience, integrity regardless of whether they give you a credit card or not IS a winning formula. Because truthfully, long-term, trust-based relationships are FAR more profitable than any singular transaction. 

It may be the slower lane to the finish line, but WOW is it more sustainable, energizing, abundant and aligned with Truth

I used to be addicted to the churn and burn… so I get it’s allure. But there comes a day where you have to decide who it is you ACTUALLY want to be in the world, what the values that you desire to communicate with each and every interaction that you hold… And make them non-negotiable.

And seriously… that bullshit that if someone doesn’t enroll on the spot forget about them and move on to the next person… is bullshit.

I’ve got gobs of clients to prove it.

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