Truth Bomb: When YOU take care of your MONEY, your MONEY takes care of YOU.

But we avoid it!!! Blech… ’cause it feels like a chore AND it remains us of some things that we may not just love about ourselves. It seems easier to just keep chugging along. head happily buried in the sand.


As women entrepreneurs, if we want to be successful we’ve simply got to get our money stuff handled. There’s no way around `it.


What if we made it FUN!

What if we did it Together

What are you going to feel like when you’ve gotten real with yourself about your finances, gotten over any negativity about where you are right now, AND have an awesome plan to move forward?

I promise…. it’s going to feel gooooooood….

Ready to take the challenge?

Here’s how it works

The adventure begins on Monday, January 4th, 2016…

Each day you’ll receive a super short, yet powerful exercise, to complete that day’s challenge.

You’ll get motivation and inspiration via text message too, so make sure we have your cell phone to participate fully 🙂

Yes, there will be dancing.

Yes, there will be prizes.

And yes, there will be results!

Day 1:

Clean up your inner self. Are you ready to let go of all that negativity, fear, and confusion about money? We’re on it! Real tactics, processes and exercises that you will take away for the rest of your life.

Day 2:

Clean up the outer stuff. We’re going to give you a quick, easy and painless way to get REAL about your current financial reality. You can’t handle what you’re not aware of, but we’re here to open your eyes and put you on the path to healthy financial success – for you AND your business!

Day 3:

Reverse the flow of money from OUT to IN. It’s time to actualize your true worth and build your wealth the right way. No more feast and famine. No more waiting for the magic solution… well, this is kinda magic – but it’s yours to wield.

Day 4:

Claim what you need. You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where it is so let us help point you in the right direction. Real world, client tested, in the field process to ensure your success.

Day 5:

Build your Money Makin’ Muscles… because you can achieve what you believe 🙂 Really. This is where the rubber meets the road…


Ready to take the challenge?

About Your Guide

Kiva Leatherman spent a dozen years playing with the big boys in the world of high finance. She’s held more financial licenses than she can remember. The money thing? Yeah, she’s got that down.

But after a deep, foreboding hit her before the markets crashed, she decided to forge her own path to financial success through the journey of entrepreneurship. Taking her love of sales, and her love of money, Kiva has a proven track record of creating brands and businesses that work.

Although Wise was her first foray into the online entrepreneurial space 6 years ago, her first big success online was training parenting coaches, an adventure that went from an idea to $500K in sales in its first year. She then went on to bring an entrepreneurial training business from $500K to $1.5MM in a year by implementing a strategic business model and creating rich programs.

She’s taught hundreds of women to sell with love, and created avenues for them to enjoy more fulfilment and freedom through their work so that they can create their own life on their own terms. There are parenting coaches, life coaches, business coaches, naturopaths, financial planners, healers, writers, designers and one animal communicator doing their awesome work with abundance through their work with Kiva.

And she’s ready to create a world where women LOVE their money, feel empowered about it, and use it to CREATE more AWESOMENESS in the world.

I began being coached by Kiva when I was struggling to get my business off the ground and find clients.

I had a deep desire and true passion for the work I do, and, at the same time, I didn’t know how to get it out into the world. Kiva taught me how to talk about, and offer, what I do, in a way that feels soooo good.

Now, when I am talking with prospective new clients, I know that I am truly being of service to them, by helping them to decide if working with me is their next right step. In the past, I felt uncomfortable about selling… now, I really get it, and I see that I am actually doing a dis-service by not sharing my gifts and work with those who will benefit. This shift in the way I feel about, and show up in sales conversations, means I am able to confidently have those conversations from a place of truly being of service, and that means clients saying yes to working with me.

~Catherine Tapponier, Founder of

Kiva is the queen of sales. She’s the best of the best when it comes to crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences. They flow out of her like honey! She and I have collaborated together on selling well over $1 million of products online (real gross revenue), and she is my favourite partner to work with. Not only can this woman sell, I’ve watched her teach many others to do the same — transforming them from having awkward and icky sales conversations, into empowered and confident sales CONVERSIONS. Sunshine just pours out of Kiva, and I am honoured to know her as a colleague and friend.”

~Amrita Khalsa, founder of the Launch Lab and the Wealth Consciousness Revolution

Kiva is a fierce, highly competent ally for women in business. She unabashedly insists on more for us. But the real kicker is, she actually shows us how to get it. When I was learning how to sell in my own way — and do it effectively — Kiva walked me through the steps and held the flashlight for me as I found my path. This is the wise woman you want in your corner, lighting your way. Seek her wise counsel, and receive the gift of seeing the world through eyes of possibility, power, and “both/and.”

~Stella Orange,

Ready to take the challenge?

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