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Precious Things



Off I went to bed, early as usual. We’d just had a houseful – some mom friends and their children, who delightfully spent much of the evening up in the playroom entertaining themselves. I glanced down at my bedside table, and glimpsed the dish where I keep my rings each night. One ring… not two… just one. I looked all around, under books, under the bed. Nothing.

What was on my table, however, was a turquoise medallion that my son has been toting around. Evidence! I’d just put him to bed so I quietly asked “Myles, have you seen Mommy’s ring?”

“Yup, Charlotte was playing with it.”

Charlotte, the child who stores things like a little mouse – wrapped up in wads of cotton, inside of a pouch, inside of a purse, in a treasure box stashed in the back of her closet. Charlotte who has more “treasures” than Blackbeard.


So what do I do? I wake the poor thing up. “Charlotte, sweetie, where is Mommy’s ring?” After a few moments of confusion (I know, not my best mothering moment) she hops out of bed.

“Right here, Mommy!” She opens a treasure box, lifts another part out of the bottom, and takes the lid off a ceramic heart box and…. No ring.


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