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Seriously, you want me to do whaaa?

Operation Kick Kiva’s Ass is well underway this week… After leaning over to lift a basket of laundry and feeling like it was REALLY heavy I had a little “get real” chat with myself.

kettlebellI’m 42 and I am determined to keep this bod strong and healthy. Plus, with a live event coming up, I’ve got to get my stamina and endurance up. (I don’t tend to keep a very low key presence when I speak 😉

As you may know I’m pretty taken with Bikram Yoga. I have been telling myself a story that Bikram was enough – I mean that’s some hard core yoga. And I’m good at it. I feel pretty badass in my Bikram class (meaning that I get to hang out in comfort zone land)…

And since facebook can read our minds, the very next morning I saw an ad for an 8-week challenge at my local Kettlebell gym.

I’m IN.

I show up for my initiation session and a lovely woman, Sarah, proceeds to put me through a 10-minute workout.

I can’t sit on the toilet without some serious care the next day.


Is Integrity the New Wealth?

Integrity has been on my mind.

A lot.

If you were like me, you learned from a young age that integrity meant doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it. It meant telling the truth and also being a person of honor.

I’ve come to see it a little differently – an evolved version of integrity if you will…

Myles ExploringIntegrity is the journey toward wholeness. It is the rise to self-actualization, where you are living life on the outside with complete alignment with who you are on the inside.

This journey toward integrity, in my experience of it so far, isn’t an intellectual one.

When I look back at times in my life where I was out of alignment with my integrity, I would have defended my position vigorously. I would have told you all of the reasons and justifications that my very sharp intellect could muster about why I needed to do what I was doing, or NOT DO what I wasn’t doing…

My Ego is sneaky like that.

How ‘bout yours?

Integrity is the new wealth. It is the thing to aspire to beyond all else. It is the ONLY path to success without compromise.

It means you don’t get to say things like “I have it good enough… who am I to want more,” or “that’s the way everyone else does it, so I guess that’s how I’ll do it,” or “I could never do what she did, so I’m not even going to try.”clouds

Living out of integrity means you stay comfortable in your settle, compromise and sacrifice instead of boldly claiming the Truth of Who. You. Are.

I know it seems too hard to tell the Truth about that thing you’ve been hiding from. Trust me….

I really, truly know, because I’ve been there love.

And I know it seems really REAL… all of the evidence that you perceive in your life that reinforces the idea that you can’t do the thing, have the thing or be the thing.

I really, truly know, because I’ve been there too.

So what is it?

What are you hiding from? The first step is to admit it to yourself.

That’s all you have to do right now. Admit it to yourself and breathe.

This… dearest one, is a step toward integrity. A step towards… integration.

What does this have to do with money?


windblownMoney without integrity is the evil the bible spoke of…. it is in service of the Ego versus in service of Life.

You do not need to have integrity to have money… I mean look at Donald Trump (Ooops did I just say that?!? YEAH I DID!)

But by our definition here at Wise, Wealth is holistic. It is our health, and our relationships and our inner peace, and seeing every human as divine and perfect. It is Oneness. It is having the ability to live life beyond struggle and fear and lack.

It is seeing the bounty of our lives with open hearts as we rise in the morning and go to sleep at night, and the ability to be with our children in our full presence in the absence of worry.

That’s my kind of wealth.

That is the abundance that comes with integrity.

So much love,

The Irony of Self-Reliance

When I got married and changed my last name to Leatherman from Schuler my mom, a New York newspaper editor, wrote an article lamenting that she should have taken me to more NOW rallies and less shopping malls. She worried about me losing my identity. And many years later when I left my steady job to be home with my babies, she worried even more.

“Always be able to take care of yourself” and “never depend on anyone else to take care of YOU” are lessons that run deep.

I also recognize that we women are born with fierce independence. My 9-year old daughter hates having things done for her. If my southern-born husband opens the car door for her, she will step back until he “get’s out the way!” and there have been more than a few occasions where she’s closed the door and reopened it herself.

And so for many years there is a sentence in my bio and in our mission here at Wise:

“Kiva is passionate about teaching women to be self-reliant with their resources of time, money and intellectual capacity.”


And it’s true – I imagine an ideal world where no one stays in a job they hate, or a bad relationship or compromised in any way to have their needs met.

Everyone of us deserves freedom. And the ability to make money is the keystone to freedom. When we can take care of ourselves we have choice.

friends at the beach AND… now that I’ve created this for myself (and get to enjoy the confidence that comes with the day that you realize that you could lose everything and still take care of yourself and your family – no problem)…

I realized the other day that I am MORE reliant on other people than EVER.

The bigger Wise gets, and the more women who gather here in this house of Truth, Community and Actual in-the-flesh results – the more I require tending.

I’m learning to allow others to take care of me. To let me be the one being supported instead of always supporting.

And even with my clients, being SUPPORTIVE instead of THE SUPPORT (which, btw, is WAY more empowering for them).

With a LIVE 3-day Event coming up, and history of getting REALLY sick after live events, I asked myself “What would it look like for me to NOT get sick?”

It looks like my husband coming with me to Los Angeles and holding me while I sleep at night. It looks like working on my nutrition and endurance with loving suppotubingrt leading up to the event. It looks like inviting INCREDIBLE colleagues to come and share their gifts so that it’s not all on ME.

And in the rest of my business, it looks like (Finally!!) having a team that tells me what to do and when to do it- instead of me pulling all of the weight of the ship.
And friends: It looks like friends who I can cuddle up with and crumble into a puddle of tears from time to time and who allow me to do the same for them – no saving, mothering or fixing necessary.

At home it looks like an amazing Nanny and Housekeeper. My next desire: a true-blue personal assistant who can simply help keep it all together.

There is no freaking way I could be self-reliant anymore… Why would I even want to be? And that, my love, is the ironic outcome of becoming “self-reliant.”

So much goodness,

Soapbox Alert… Please read this first.

wise 2012Sweetness. I want you to hear the truth and I want you to let it land into your system with certainty and humility.

If you can do this you will save yourself YEARS and potentially TEN OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

You may even save yourself from quitting this whole entrepreneurial thing because you’ll start to believe that you’re not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, blah – blah – blah.

And THAT, my love, is not true… It’s simply that you’ve been doing the right things in the wrong order. And it’s not your fault – we just can’t know what we don’t know. So let me explain… 

I love math – I’ve always loved it.

You know why? It can’t lie. Numbers are facts. They are immutable. And as a little girl I grew up being asked to hold and tell a lot of lies. So MATH, in many ways was my dearest friend.

(yes – I was quite the nerdy little one)

So this is a post about MATH, and growing your business in THE RIGHT ORDER, and the beauty of starting where you are instead of forcing where you are trying to go.

What do I mean by “read this first” ??

I mean the moment that your spirit leaps up out of your solar plexus and gives you the download that you have important work to do in the world… that you can help people to evolve (I mean that’s really the level of work we are talking about here) I pray that you find these words.

But if you didn’t and you went down a different path where you thought that you could take the course, learn the process, follow the formula or “do what she did and have the same results” I want you to breathe.

I am looking at you. I see you. And it’s all going to be ok.


This is an invitation to go back to the beginning.

So at the beginning… You have you. And you have your work or your idea.And you have the truth – no results, no list, no reputation. You’re just starting! This isn’t good or bad. It simply is.

This is where most of us (myself included) jump down a rabbit hole of learning online marketing.

We take a courseIMG_8576 that teaches us to create our $497 product, or run Facebook ads, or host webinars.

We start podcasts and write eBooks. We don’t make any money, though. In many cases what we make is a big pile of debt that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s the math part… let’s say you create a $197 product and you’ve got a list of 500. My first email went to 118 people and I’m remembering (maybe correctly – it’s been awhile) that at the end of year one I had 500 peeps on my list.

So 20% will open the emails you send about your product = 100 people

Generously, 30 of them will register for your webinar.

So we’ve got 30 people.

Maybe you have some friends who will also mail for you, chances are that they’ll be at about the same level. So you might get 30 more.

So we’ve got 60 peeps registered.

25% of them will show up (industry standard love – don’t take it personally. People have, you know… lives).

Which means you’ll have 15 people on the webinar.

And if you’re good and nail your offer 20% of those people will buy your product.

3. 3 sales.

And you’ll have made $591 for ALL THAT WORK.

I’ve been generous with my numbers.

Here’s the problem that’s bigger than the math problem:

The Universe rewards Truth.

And do you know where Truth comes from in business? The actual real life results that you have with real live people.

The best programs, courses and systems are born out of a lot of work with real clients.

Patterns emerge and reveal themselves to you. They are not created in your imagination. They are created by your clients. You’ll start to see the process.

The book will be written with life. It will all be created from your actual experience and this Truth will resonate through everything you create. People buy Truth.

So why do we try so hard to skip this step? k&c

There are a few reasons….


You are living a double life.

I was on the phone with a new client last week and she said “I would rather talk to 100 people I don’t know on a webinar than tell 1 person I do know about my business. THAT scares the shit out of me.”

Thank you, dear one, for naming THIS.

Anonymity is safe. We can hide out online where the people live who don’t think it’s weird to pull an angel card before a sales call.

But GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) doesn’t want you to hide. She wants you to walk through your fear. She wants you to integrate and stand in your power and own your fucking truth.

You may need to release some relationships to walk this path. AND OMG THE NEW ONES THAT FILL THE VOID ARE SO MUCH BETTER!!!


When you do the thing that scares you most you have passed through an initiation of sorts and you will be granted access to next. Without going through the fear there is no next.


I know. It sucks. It’s also the awesomest most incredible and exhilarating way to play the game of life.


You think you’ll make more money.

It sounds sexy… I know. Build it online and they will come.

If only it were that simple.

At the beginning the best way to make money is to work with individual or small group clients. Period.

Here’s why: remember all that effort we put into making our whopping $591? What if instead, you just talked to people, enrolled them and worked with them. If you’ve taken my Authentic Sales Training Course then you know that just about every practitioner, service provider, coach or consultant can create a package of at least $1500…

What if you just focused on attracting TWO per month at the beginning? Consistently and with focus. Feel into the awesomeness of that..

One of the things I teach my clients is creating foundational revenue that provides stability and security and THEN creating surplus revenue through launches.

We’re not going into that here but it’s the key to building your business from abundance versus deficit.

(If you haven’t taken the Authentic Sales Course – you can access it here – it is FREE because I’m so tired of THIS particular problem we are discussing here).


You Think You’re Exceptional

(ouch. I know)

You are a unique, powerful, whole and complete daughter of GUS. Your specialness is inarguable.

This doesn’t mean you are exceptional.

Meaning you aren’t the exception to the rule. The Universe will not allow your business to thrive if it isn’t built from Truth. So those workshops that you attend where you work with your buddy to create your programs from the space of your two ears and their enthusiastic support…

Those don’t work. Please trust my knowing. I’ve been at this a long time and I’ve created over $2 million in flow in work online.

And that little voice in your head that’s whispering “but she doesn’t know me, my situation is different” is exactly who I’m talking to.

There is such beauty in seeing reality as it is. And accepting the truth of where we are.

The best part is when we accept it and move through it we get to take the next step up the rung of our businesses evolution.

Hear this loud and clear. Starting where you are doesn’t mean staying where you are.

I have a client who went from the getting one-to-one clients to successfully hosting and selling from an online webinar in six months.


I have clients who have full time jobs, or young children who take a few years.

It’s all perfect.

As I look back at my own journey, I laugh at how hard I tried to get there faster, essentially creating inertia for my first two years in my business. I laugh because the time is so fleeting. Spending a year in the depths of your work is a drop of rain in the ocean.

But that drop is the the potency that will magnify your work and your business for years to come.

blog image - woodsBreathe.

You haven’t done anything wrong. Every step, investment, and decision you’ve made is perfectly orchestrated to lead you here to the moment where you get to claim Truth.

The webinar isn’t going anywhere. The product will be amazing when you’ve got that list of 5000 and surplus income to invest in facebook ads.

And sometimes – learning what doesn’t work is as important as learning what does.

Loving you so hard.