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15 Ways We Leak Our Power


shineWe’re women. We’re famous for it. We hide our power, give it away, put ourselves down, hold ourselves back, or we don’t acknowledge our own real power … to shine, to make the most of our lives, to accept and to feel that we truly deserve the best for ourselves in our own lives. I’m not talking about the outdated macho definition of power, as in to “power over” someone or “power through” something difficult….not that power. I’m also not talking about the confidence and bold courage we earn as we feel our fears and take steps anyway. I mean the power that comes from living a life in line with our values, knowing our goals, and the REAL reasons we want to accomplish them. It’s the electric current fueled by our soul- that inner knowing of what we want, what we are here to do, and why – that gives you the feeling that you can do anything. But all too often on the path to owning our power we give it away or hide it. We’ve become REALLY good at finding creative ways to do it. Like:

1) We say”I think” rather than “I know”.


Precious Things



Off I went to bed, early as usual. We’d just had a houseful – some mom friends and their children, who delightfully spent much of the evening up in the playroom entertaining themselves. I glanced down at my bedside table, and glimpsed the dish where I keep my rings each night. One ring… not two… just one. I looked all around, under books, under the bed. Nothing.

What was on my table, however, was a turquoise medallion that my son has been toting around. Evidence! I’d just put him to bed so I quietly asked “Myles, have you seen Mommy’s ring?”

“Yup, Charlotte was playing with it.”

Charlotte, the child who stores things like a little mouse – wrapped up in wads of cotton, inside of a pouch, inside of a purse, in a treasure box stashed in the back of her closet. Charlotte who has more “treasures” than Blackbeard.


So what do I do? I wake the poor thing up. “Charlotte, sweetie, where is Mommy’s ring?” After a few moments of confusion (I know, not my best mothering moment) she hops out of bed.

“Right here, Mommy!” She opens a treasure box, lifts another part out of the bottom, and takes the lid off a ceramic heart box and…. No ring.