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Any of my fellow lady friends want some empowerment? You have to listen to Kiva... She's wonderful! I have the perfect sales career now... One that doesn't feel like sales because I love helping people. 

Christina LaRoche
Associate Realtor at The Bean Group


When a woman says this: "Real security is knowing that you have the power to create success without compromise. Sounds lofty I know - but it's actually quite simple," then I know she's a woman worth following to the end of the earth.


Rebecca Liston
Intuitive Business Coach, RebeccaListon.com

I met Kiva at an event several years ago when she selflessly sat by the pool with me and talked with me about my business and how to grow it. She had no agenda other than giving of herself and her wisdom. She is the real deal--if learning how to sell yourself in a powerful, aligned, soul-centered way would be helpful to you, then I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

Carla Detchon
Host and Founder at Inner Diva Revolution

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